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The following is straight out of their catalogue blurb, but the stainless steel they use is grade 630, with a tensile strength of 145-170ksi, compared to grade 8 bolts at 150ksi. These are further heat treated after machining, dependent on usage to give a tensile strength up to 190ksi.

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M18 x 1.5P x 100 Grade 8.8 High Tensile Hexagon Head Bolt DIN 960, Zinc Plated Learn More. Picture shown for illustration purpose only. 5/8 UNF x 2.1/4 H/T Hex Bolt, Zinc Plated . £1.40 As low as £0.84. Qty. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 5/8" UNF x 2.1/4.

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Torque for a 5/16 bolt. SAE grade6 133,000 psi med. carbon temp. steel 24 SAE grade7 133,000 psi med. carbon alloy steel 25 SAE grade8 150,000 psi med. carbon alloy steel 29 for fine thread increase the above torques by 9%. metric 8mm. standard 5D 71,160 psi med carbon steel 10 ft. lb.

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Header Bolts ARP manufactures premium grade bolt kits to facilitate installation of exhaust headers in both stainless steel or 8740 chrome moly steel. The Stainless 300 material is not affected by corrosion or extreme heat, making it ideal for the application. What s more, the compact 12-point nut version lets you easily slip a socket close to the pipe.

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ARP 8740 alloy chrome moly steel high performance flexplate bolt kit. They are rated at 180000 psi many times stronger than Grade 8 fasteners. These premium grade studs are manufactured to exact tolerances heat-treated and thread rolled to ensure consistent clamping force strength and durability. 12-point head design with a black oxide finish. Made in the USA.

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Re: Grade 9 bolts L9 or F-911. "Tensile Strength" and "Shear Strength" are two different animals - tensile strength is the rating for the fastener when pulled endwise (calculated from the minimal diameter of the fastener body multiplied by the ksi/psi rating) and shear strength is the amount of pressure that the fastener can sustain when.

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So the H11 are the highest rating available, this translates into the ability to apply higher clamp load with the fastener, also that the higher rated stud will be harder to stretch. ARP's stud for the 7.3L is made of ARP2000. Good/Better/Best. Either stud will do a fine job for this application. C.

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Grade 8 vs 10.9 High Tensile bolts CARBON STEEL BOLTING PROPERTY CLASSES 8.8 10.9 12.9 & 14.9. CLASSES 8.8 10.9 12.9 & 14.9 grade are stipulated in various international standards including DIN 267 and ISO 898. The symbol for the property classes of hex bolts, screws and studs consists of two numbers separated by a decimal point. 8.8, 10.9, 12..

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If you used red loctite, it's doubtful they're coming loose. Three main things govern bolt torque. Thread size, bolt material and lubrication used. The ARP bolts are a much higher tensile strength material vs the factory bolts so they'll require a higher torque value to achieve the proper stretch (clamp load).

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If you are using ARP fasteners, by all means use ARP Ultra Torque. If you don't have any never seize or ARP Ultra Torque when doing engine assembly, 30wt motor oil will work in a pinch. Only use a very small amount. You just want a very very thin coating on the threads.

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2011-11-27T22:51. Grade 8's are rated higher than Army Navy (AN) Bolts. grade 8 - 150,000 psi. AN Bolt - 125,000 psi. Grade 5 - 125,000 psi. A lot of people on pavedwave are raving about replacing kingpins with Aircraft bolts.

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G8 bolts holding the lower control arms to the chassis. The tubular control arms off the struts folded and broke, while the G8 bolt was in tact and still holding the rod end in place. Just for the hell of it...a G8 3/8" bolt has a yield strength of 130,000 psi. Im pretty certain a mounting tab or suspension component will fail before that. You want to compare tensile strength of stainless compared to the Grade 8 bolts. However, you also need to consider how tough the material is - usually described as malleability or ductility. ... (Plus Stainless is really expensive compared to grade 8). Save Share. ... I'm not even going to get into how much I have spent on ARP hardware lol.

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Grade 8 hex head bolts, 12 point, Aircraft, Grade 9, Grade 5, Socket head cap screws and much more. ... Flathead Allen Bolts Stainless Steel ARP Fastenes Aluminum Hex Head Bolts Aluminum AN Bolts Header Bolts Titanium Beadlock Bolts Flange Bolts Flexplate Bolts.

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Mustang 1/2" Head Bolts. 1979-95 Mustangs running a 351W motor will require 1/2" head bolts when securing cylinder heads to the block. The 351W motors featured 1/2" head bolts, unlike the smaller 7/16" bolts found on factory 79-95 302 5.0L motors. Mustang Step Down Washers & Head Bolt Reducer Kits. Your factory 5.0 engine block takes a 7/16.

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Joined Jan 1, 2001. 1,105 Posts. #9 · Nov 13, 2002. The grade 12 bolts are significantly more brittle, the grade 8 bolts are too brittle for some applications (not concerning car engines however). The last thing you need is the head to shatter clean off, something a vibration could possibly do over time.

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The performance level of bolts is divided into 3.6, 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 5.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 from small to large. 10 indicates 1/100 of the tensile strength of the bolt, which means that the tensile strength of this grade of bolt must reach 1000MPa, which may actually be higher than 1000MPa. GB/T3098.1 stipulates that the minimum tensile.

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ARP 2000 3/8 rod bolt. by AC sports » Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:04 am. I have found some ambiguity it the torque spec for the above bolts. Bolt : ARP 2000 3/8 x 1.600. The leaflet included with the rods specifies 45ftlb for all ARP fasteners in that size including ARP 8740, 2000, & L19. I would have thought different tensile strength bolts need.

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For example, using a Grade 3 or Grade 5 bolt as a head bolt will be a bad idea. ... on ARP head bolts. ARP says, "We recommend using ARP Ultra-Torque lube to ensure an even, accurate clamp load.

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SKU ARP-06A-01 $49.99 In Stock VEHICLE FITMENT1.8T 20V 06A ... (late 06A only)* VW - Beetle 1998-2011 (1C - 9C - 1Y) 1.8T 20V engines *IE/ARP Crankshaft Damper Bolts are designed for use on late 06A 1.8T engine blocks only, they will not fit on early 058 engine blocks found in B5 A4 and B5 Passat models. 058 engine blocks are identified by.
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